The first post

Hey everybody,

My name is Dani and this is my first blod post on my own website.  Kinda cheesy to start out like this but hey where else are you going to start from.  I am getting my undergrad degree in about a month and started this site so that I could have some place to post my poetry and my thoughts on how life really works.  Along with other things that I find interesting and possibly useful to those living out there in the “real” world.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will reasponde in my next post.  I hope to see some people checking out the page soon.  So stay tooned folks and we will get this ball rolling soon.



About djmonty89

I am an English major just graduating college and setting out to find a place in the world... Wait that sounds like every other story out there. I am a gamer who love's the Xbox 360 and old school Nintendo games. I have a passion for poetry, reading, and writing in general. I am also 22 years old with a cat named Tifa Lockheart Montgomery and I am a huge fan of anime. I live mostly in my head given that real life is just so boring to me and I hope to find that right person for me some day though I doubt that they are here in Montana but hey I could be wrong. If you have questions or concerns or really just want to talk to someone drop me a line cause I am always looking for more people to talk to and become friends with. So please site back relax and just let your mind wander over my words.

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